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Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy it and find everything you need, whether it's to find our next event location or see how to become involved.. you can always get in contact as well either by phone or email. So in brief ThunderCat Racing is a one of the world's most exhilarating water sports, accessible in over 18 countries with more joining.


Our series in the UK is governed by a National Authority. Under the umbrella of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) for all International events. The 4 metre inflatable catamarans come in all shapes and sizes by manufacturers mainly from South Africa, where the sport began way way back in the early eighties. (watch a video of the action from then here) Some of the manufacturers include: Aquarius, Gemini, Infanta, Ceasar & Bobkat which are all fitted with either a 2 stroke 50 hp Tohatsu, Yamaha or Mercury outboard motor.

18 Countries and Counting

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Each Country around the world races the same format of classes and courses, testing newbie's, experienced and expert competitors to their limits. The sport has three carefully designed disciplines to push teams in all aspects the sea or lake can throw at them.


M-SHAPE - Mainly run in Surf; is a short course approx 200m x 300m - Boats can be seen to fly up to 6m in the air!!


CIRCUIT - Where speed begins; this is a larger course approx 500m x 500m for achieving the maximum speed the tunnel hull can provide (110kpm)


LONGHAUL/ENDURO - Separates the men from the mice; generally over a distance of 100km+  teams will be sent off down the coast to specific locations, beach the boat and run around a checkpoint. Out in all conditions (except fog!)

M- Shape
M- Shape

circuit.png 2013-9-3-16:15:2
circuit.png 2013-9-3-16:15:2


M- Shape
M- Shape


The Racing   Rig

Two person team

  pilot & co-pilot

50hp short shaft motor with extended tiller & free propeller choice

4 x pontoon Air chambers

2 x Hijacker chambers to give catamaran shape and 90 deg turning!!




ThunderCat Racing has mass appeal to all ages offering great year round entertainment. So if your looking for a new sport/hobbie/friend or want something just to follow... get in touch today. If you are interested in promoting your business through ThunderCats we have had sponsors and advertisers around the world securing their names on team race boats and race events, taking full advantage of the media frenzy and promotional opportunities.  Thousands of spectators now follow Thundercat Racing, which is positioning itself as one of the most prominent watersports of the twenty first century. 


Once you have tried it and you have an ounce of adrenaline in your body you shall experience a strange addictive streak that will mean you'll want to race year on year! The UK championship is very flexible meaning so long as you pass your training you can enter one race.. two... or all of them depending on your budget and available time.




In Conclusion