blackjack racing                                                    Race No. 21

Boat Manufacturer:  gemini - black & grey           Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2                 UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock

Driver info : ollie field     


Ollie is from London and works in the Marine Industry. During the 2015 season Ollie raced with Team Endeavour but this year Ollie has formed his own team and we look forward to seeing them out for the first time at Southsea in July.

Ollie would like to thank all the team sponsors for making this possible.

Co-driver info : henry dobson & matt bailey


Henry first got into powerboat racing in 2015 as beach crew, however after getting a taste for racing in Southsea that year he's become a co-driver with Blackjack Racing.  Henry is from London and works as an aide to an MP in parliament.  

Matt is also from London and has spent his whole life around water and all forms of boats. Matt first got into ThunderCat Racing in 2015 and had a stint as a co-driver.  He is ow a key member of Blackjack Racing both on and off the water.

Team Manager: matt bailey -


BlackJack Racing have secured sponsorship towards competing in 2 events from Macaw Clothing but is actively seeking further sponsorship to be able to compete in the full 2016 & 2017 calendar both nationally and internationally.  

Racing experience


During 2014 Ollie was awarded the Lightweight Champion in the ZC series.  During the 2015 ThunderCat British Championship, Ollie raced with Team Endeavour and competed as both a driver and co-driver and Matt & Henry also competed when their commitments allowed.





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