Team: 46 BulletProof                                      Race No. 46

Boat Manufacturer: Ceasar Inflatable Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2  UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock   Email: pultonproperties@MSN.COM

Driver info : Marc Newton


This will be Marc’s 5th season of ThunderCat Racing. He has been involved in all sorts of racing from motorbikes to go karts but says that racing the ThunderCat is definitely the most exciting and challenging. It all began 6 years ago when Marc and Martin were out on their rib and saw the boats racing in testing seas and they both thought this is the sport for them, since then they haven’t looked back.  Marc describes ThunderCatting as the most adrenaline pumping sport on water.


Outside of racing Marc has 2 children Lewis and Ella, often seen at the events supporting their Dad.


Marc & Martin are not only partners on the water but also in business, their business Pulton Properties Limited, keep them both very busy. Check out their website and Facebook page.

Marc has been the driver's representative for the past few years, both Marc and Martin are always the first to offer help and assistance to any team. 


2014 was a fab season, Team Bulletproof achieved 5th in the RYA National Championships, and Marc achieved 4th place in the Driver's standings. Well done guys! 


2015 saw Team Bulletproof further climb the team standing board to take 4th place in the British Championship and Marc achieve 4th in the driver championship.  Marc was also awarded 3rd place in the "King of the Surf" championship.  Great season's racing guys.  Good Luck in 2016!


Co-driver info : TRIS CARPENTER


Team Manager:


Marc and Martin usually do most weekends on their own but 2016 saw Steve Clayton regularly assisting the lads at events and they very much appreciate Steve's help.

Racing experience


Now starting their 5th season of racing they have learnt a lot about racing on water, which is totally different from everything they have done before, as this has all been land based.  They have enjoyed the learning process but are now keen to get to the top spot on the podium.  Having won ‘rookies of the year’ in their 1st season, they then spent the whole of the 2012 season finishing 3rd in every round. This was followed by a terrible 2013 season which was plagued with engine problems. Their high hopes for the 2014 season with a new Ceasar boat and fewer engine problems saw them frequently take their place on the podium. 2015 saw the guys also encounter some problems but their consistent racing saw them achieve a fantastic 4th on the leaderboard.  Good Luck in the 2016 season.                                                                








Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Marc- hitting a wave in a long-haul event which catapulted him from the boat at full speed leaving Martin 20 metres away with no pilot on board.


Martin: Going straight through a wave at Fistral beach whilst racing in White Spider which stopped them dead and launched the pilot straight over his head,  although he stayed on board as usual.


Best Venue;

Marc- Anywhere in Cornwall with big surf

Martin- Watergate bay when the surf is big.


Preferred propeller;

Marc- 13’’ or 14’’ as this usually means it’s a day in the surf.

Martin- 16’’ great prop in all conditions gives great pick up and good top end speed.

Proudest Moment:


Marc -  gaining his first podium- “fantastic feeling after waiting a whole season we really worked for it”.

Martin: “Winning our first heat race in the surf, really thought at that point these are the conditions we like as a team”.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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