CAms hire                                        Race No. 99

Boat Manufacturer:  gemini   Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2     UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock

Driver info : paddy cunningham


This will be Paddy's first season racing in The ThunderCat series.  Paddy runs his own construction hire company

Originally from Southampton and now living in Guernsey, Paddy has always been around the water. Paddy is a RYA powerboat instructor, RYA sailing instructor, a commercial yacht master and holds a degree in Naval Architecture- so it's fair to say he knows his way around a boat. However, during the day Paddy has nothing to do with boats and spends his time hiring out plant machinery to builders like Co-Driver, Jack.

Paddy originally bought Catnip, team name Cams Hire as a quick and easy means of getting to the neighbouring Island of Herm after work or at the weekend for a few beers in the sun. This soon turned competitive when friends Ben & Tom bought Whiskers, team name ThunderCat Guernsey (16). Now they are all joining The ThunderCat series to push their competitive spirit to the max and it is great to welcome them to the ThunderCat community.

Co-driver info : jack lunn



Jack is born and bread in Guernsey. Jack has always been on the water.. Mostly swimming or getting a lift off friends when his unreliable boat 'The Buoys' decides to stop running. Jack first found himself on Catnip after an evening in Herm and wanting a quick lift back home... What a bad idea that was after a couple of pints.. But ever since then it's been hard to drag him away and he spends most weekends through out the year on the sea along with Paddy, Ben and Tom. For the day job, Jack is a site engineer and surveyor.

They both look forward to meeting other teams and giving this competitive stuff a bash!



Team Manager:ben backhouse


Ben will be helping the guys with their team management.

Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; They are waiting for the "Big One" this season!


Best Venue; Will wait and see.


Preferred prop; One with 3 blades that fits a Tohatsu engine.

Proudest Moment:


Will be updated as the season progresses.

Racing experience


This was Cams Hire first season with ThunderCat Racing and unfortunately they only made it to the 1st event in Boscombe; hopefully the team will be able to make more events in the 2016 season.






2010 - present

2010 - present