HAGGIS HUNTERS                               Race No. 82

Boat Manufacturer: GEMINI    Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2     UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock   Email: DAVID-FINLAYSON@BTCONNECT.COM



David has always raced cars, motorbikes or boats. He has to have everyone and everything organised well before races. Drives his co-driver Ashleigh mad with his OCD, good job they are family!  David raced at the UIM P750 Continental Championships, where the team achieved 2nd in the Stock class. Fabulous racing and good fun. Haggis Hunters joined us for the 2015 RYA British Championship and after some awesome racing Dave achieved 6th in the driver standings.  

David raced the first 7 rounds in the 2016 season and then moved onto the land to train as a Race official, will 2017 see David on land or back in the boat ...........................




Ashleigh only got through her University days in 2015 by looking forward to race weekends. The friendlier and more approachable team member…except in the mornings (accordingly to Fiona (Mum & team manager). Ashleigh is an amazing co-driver in every way for David.  At the final of the 2015 season Ashleigh had climbed up the co-driver championship to a fabulous 6th place.  Well done Ashleigh!

Ashleigh joined her father training on land during 2016 and is continuing during the 2017 season, but I have a feeling we will see them teaming up and back on the water at some events :)

Team Manager: fiona finlayson & TEAM ENGINEER: CRAIG RICHIE


Fiona is always busy supporting both David & Ashleigh, organising all the travel arrangements and paperwork.

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This formidable scottish team were crowned Zapcat ZCR50X Champions 2014, UIM 750 Stock 2014 2nd place. When asked what they love about racing, they replied "Winning". We love a competitive team.

RYA 2015 P750 ThunderCat Racing British Championship - 8th place




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2010 - present