immersion Eleven                                  Race No. 11

Boat Manufacturer: Gemini Inflatable  Engine Man: Tohatsu 50D2  UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock email:

Driver info : Alex de Vries


Alex raced ThunderCats & Zapcats for Inmarsat, Network Appliance & Veritas from 2002-2008 when he took some time out after a back breaking crash at Watergate Bay.

Working in the hydrocarbon industry offshore of Australia sometimes limits time in the UK, but the team made enough races to get through to the UIM Continental Championships in Gibralter, where the team finished 8th in their class after finishing13th overall in the RYA National Championships. Great achievement guys.

Away from racing Alex enjoys being on the water, classic cars, cycling and adventures.


Unfortunately due to work committments in 2015 Immersion Eleven were unable to race, we are hoping to see them return in 2016!

Co-driver info : Jen De Vries


In 2014 Jen was fresh into ThunderCat racing as an absolute rookie. Jen finished a fabulous 15th in the Co-Drivers standing and is looking forward to the challenges of the 2015 season.


By day, Jen is a sedate Civil Engineer but she is no stranger to adrenaline fueled activities. In her spare time she has been known to run, ski, snowboard, mountain and road bike and occasionally scale large London buildings; she recently abseiled the Lloyds Building in London. Aside from this, away from racing Jen enjoys beating Alex at everything. 

Team Manager: nick Barsch


Nick often shakes his head when he hears how high the motor has been revved.

He also laughs at poor propeller choice but does provide technical expertise and backup, often at a moments notice.


Racing experience


This is the brother and sister teams second season racing together.  It went off with a flying start at Stewartby after the first flip of the 2014 season but running the new Gemini Evo hull and a fresh motor they are hoping to work their way up through the field this season.

Muma et Papa de Vries are often at races standing by with food and tools, often also offering to other racers.  Say hello, they might give you some cake.

Look out for the shark.

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Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Alex: 8-10ft surf at Watergate Bay landed badly and it tickled quite a bit! 

Jennifer: Stewartby, 60mph slow mo flip with legs over my head.. skipping across the water. 


Best Venue; Alex: Anything fairly local to immersion eleven hq down here in devon.
Jennifer: TBC. The one where we don’t flip. We flipped the boat on the flat, I can’t wait to see what carnage surf venues bring…


Preferred prop; Alex: Shiniest one
Jennifer:  The one that doesn’t let Alex flip us. 

Proudest Moment:

Alex: First race day as a team, making the final and finishing top 10 with Jen hanging off the front of the boat.  I could only say well done but it wasn't enough.

Jennifer: Working surprisingly well as a brother & sister team. Long may it continue!

2010 - present

2010 - present

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