STEEL DEVELOPMENTS                                                   No. 02

Boat Manufacturer:  AQUARIUS   Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2     UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock   Email: MRTTNUTUM@AOL.COM

Driver info : rob davies


Rob the driver is a self-confessed adrenaline freak. Rob purchased a Gemini in November 2014 and decided he wanted to go ThunderCat Racing in 2015!


He is highly motivated and competitive, he has competed competitively to a high standard in motocross and rallying to name but a few Motorsports, you name it Rob has raced it and collected several trophies along the way. He is also a Coxswain for Burry Port Lifeboats, D Class Rig and Atlantic Rig so he is totally at home on the water.  Rob's other hobbies include jet skis and motorcycles to name but a few.  


After a visit to HQ - Rob was offered Ahmed Tea's Aquarius hull - Race Boat No. 4.  He decided to start the 2015 season racing this hull which proved to be very successful.  During the season Rob was consistently seen on the podium and definitely proved to be a rookie driver to watch out for! At the final of the season Rob was placed an amazing 3rd in the Driver Championship, 2nd in the King of the Surf Championship and also picked up the ThunderCat Rookie Driver of the year award.  


The 2016 season looks exciting for the team, they have accepted an sponsorship offer to race the Aquarius Microlink-Ahmed Tea boat, under race boat no. 4.  We hope their lucky welsh dragon continues to bring them fast, safe racing in 2016.  


Darren is Co-Driver and is also self-confessed adrenaline freak. He will be competing in his first season of ThunderCat Racing. He has competed to a high level in motocross and has an impressive trophy collection to show for it .Darren is also highly accomplished in martial arts and is a very keen motorcyclist. His highly motivated attitude towards competitive sport and his love for speed is exactly what Team Hoonigan were looking for in a co-driver for the 2015 season.  


During 2015 Darryn steadily built up his trophy cabinet collection and by the end of the season had achieved an awesome 2nd in the Co-Driver Championship, 2nd in the Surf Championship and also picked up the Rookie Co-Driver of the year award.  


We look forward to seeing this winning combination continue to achieve great results racing in the 2016 season.  

Team Manager: martin tummersheit



Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Breaking the engine mounts in Watergate Bay 2015 forcing us to retire. Racing Wipe Out Day!


Best Venue; Bournemouth because it was our first race in 2015; closely followed by Tolcarne


Preferred prop; Quick Shiny Silver One

Proudest Moment:

Winning the Final in Tolcarne 2016

Racing experience



This team's first racing season was awesome, after consistently being on the podium.  We watched the team coming 3rd in the 2015 P750 ThunderCat British Championship, 2nd overall in the Surf Championships, Rob and Darren picking up both Rookie Driver & Co-Driver awards and also their team being awarded the new Jasper Trophy for their amazing journey in their first year of racing.


We are looking forward to seeing them continue their successful journey in 2016.  Good Luck guys! 


If you are a sponsor interested in supporting Team Microlink-Ahmad Tea, then please contact Martin Tummuscheit on the email above for further information.







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