Majengo - Moku Racing                                                             Race No. 03

Boat Manufacturer: bobkat Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2 UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock   EMAIL: berti@moku

Driver info : berti munro



Berti Munro is no stranger to ThunderCat Racing, he has been shore based ensuring the Moku boys performance is always top notch. In 2016 Berti decided to no longer stand on the side lines but to join in the fun and enjoyed a great first season.


Berti's favourite saying is: Everyone will die but a very few will live. That is how he looks at ThunderCat racing, living for the thrill off speed and competing against rivals that have the same passion in boats.

Looking forward to seeing what the 2017 season holds in store for the team.






Co-driver info : Ed Redman



Ed is a World Champion.  In Malta 2015, Ed was crowned the overall World Championship P750 ThunderCat Racing co-driver.  He enjoyed the 2016 season with the Moku teams and we hope to see him racing in the 2017 season. 


team manager: berti
Racing experience



Berti and Ed's new 2016 partnership, saw the team placed 17th in the ThunderCat National Championship. 




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2010 - present

2010 - present




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