• James Tapp

Thundercats go wild at Watergate Bay!

This weekend (19/20 May) the 2012 RYA British Thundercat Championship will get underway at one of the UK’s most prestigious surfing venues of Watergate Bay in Newquay.

Watergate Bay with it’s relentless swells from the Atlantic provides awesome racing conditions for Thundercat Racing that allows the racers to experience the thrill of racing these phenomenal boats in the big surf conditions they were originally designed for.


Thundercats originated in South Africa where since the early 80’s local crew’s have raced inflatable boats down treacherous rivers and along rugged coastlines. They were developed from life saving surf rescue craft for racing and leisure; and are designed to cope with a huge variety of sea conditions from flat calm lakes to large breaking surf.

Since those early days, inflatable boat technology and design has come a long way, finally evolving into the highly capable, versatile and robust boats that are raced.


The 2012 Championship will see the teams battle it out in a variety of conditions but none as demanding or extreme as they ones they could face this weekend.

Racing in surf conditions even in boats desgined for the conditions demands ultimate respect not only are you competing with the other competitors but you are also faced with mother nature at her fiercest.

Action will take place from 11:00am on both days

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