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ThunderCat Racing across the Mersey

Racing at International Mersey River Festival

Over the weekend (04-05 June), ThunderCat Racing joined the International Mersey River Festival for the largest waterborne event in Liverpool for 2016.

From racing on the Mersey, to a music festival on land, the docks where filled with different events and excitement. There was something for all the family to watch and get involved in, with over 150,000 spectators visiting the even throughout the weekend.

ThunderCat Racing sponsored by Liverpool Council and Microlink was a roaring success, proving to the crowds why the series is one of the most versatile, action packed and extreme powerboat racing series around.

The teams competed on one of the most extreme tidal currents worldwide, with a fantastic architectural back drop including the Royal Liver building.

Racing on Saturday and Sunday, the competition was high with two Enduro heats and Drag racing each day, with many of the teams travelling vast distances to take part; #17 Broad Bean Tom William-Hawkes from the depths of Devon and #82 Haggis Hunters David Finlayson from, yes you guessed It, Scotland.

There was fierce rivalry amongst all the racers, sparring for the podium position. Saturday’s Round 5 Enduro was won by #22 Microlink Rob Davies and Darren Philips from Bury port in Wales, with a close second # 26 Seavation Simon Matthews and Martin Jerome, with third place, but very close, being #61 Multispark Racing Products Gary Toleman and Scott Brown.

Sunday saw the heat come from not just the sun but also on the water as the battle for 1st was even stronger but still no change for first and second place. Team #8 Ragworm James Tapp and Mark Blackman were able to keep Multipark Racing Products at bay and gain an all-important third place.

As ever with ThunderCat Racing, it is all about winning the championship, but for 2016 the organisers have kept the true spirit of the community and making sure teams on and off the water have fun, so at each event there is an element of surprise and at Liverpool it was Drag Racing with prize money! The winners were:

  • # 61 Multispark Racing Products Gary Toleman and Scott Brown

  • #22 Mcrolink Rob Davies and Darren Philips

  • # 26 Seavation Simon Matthews and Martin Jerome

At the end of an exciting event, teams went back with smiles on their faces and everyone leaving Liverpool wanting to know if they can go back next year. The answer is yes. Negotiations have already started and fingers crossed racing will be back on the Mersey 24-26 June 2017, to entertain the wonderful people of Liverpool with an even bigger and better ThunderCat Racing event.

Without the assistance of all the volunteers and dedicated officials on and off the water there would be no racing! ThunderCat Racing is about fun, family and fantastic competition but safety never takes a day off and that comes first.

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