• James Tapp

Sponsorship Opportunities with ThunderCat Racing

Any of our events can provide a great positive sponsorship platform to advertise you brand and engage with a new customer base….whether with our racing teams, fellow sponsors or spectators.

There’s so much to be gained by sponsoring the event and your business will receive excellent exposure. It’s also a great sport to network at, use as an incentive for staff or to treat corporate customers. You could even use one of the fantastic locations around the UK where we race for corporate team building…you may even consider setting up a team of your own and we can provide assistance with that.

Absolutely any company can get involved and become a sponsor. We find that companies love the ethos of associating themselves with our brand virtues of speed, excitement and community…it’s a very attractive proposition. One of the best things about ThunderCat Racing is that the general public can watch the action for free! The only area that will be restricted is the pit area, but fans can still go up and have a peak in and see what goes on.

You can start with something small such as-

  • Branding on the boats at one of the events…so effective as the teams race fantastically close to the shoreline

  • Branding a buoy

  • Branding within one of our event brochures which are given out FOC to the public

  • Website and social media advertising

We can also look at event sponsorship and partnerships which if not for financial gain could be in products or services in kind. Hospitality is also a blank canvas. Depending on which event, just contact us with your requirements. At some race events we are able to put a structure up on the beach where you can hold networking and team building events. We can build and customise an event to your needs. We also have great links with local hotels where we can arrange training facilities and accommodation.

In addition the obvious branding, networking and merchandising opportunities we also provide additional exposure on our website, on our event brochures, benefit from unique PR opportunities and publicity through our various social media channels.

If you are interested in starting a sponsorship or partnership dialogue, email about the amazing opportunities that ThunderCat Racing can provide to your business and brand.

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