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Atlantic Freestyle Football Open Joins the ThunderCat Racing UK Tour

ThunderCat Racing weekends are always action packed with plenty to do and see for racers and spectators alike. To compliment our community ethos, we are pleased to be adding more action to our events which are taking place at Fistral Beach, Liverpool, Clevedon and Bournemouth this year. We are delighted to announce that freestyle football competition Atlantic Freestyle Football Open will be joining our inclusive community... 2017 'ACTION ON & OFF THE WATER'

Freestyle football is the art of self-expression with a football, whereby individuals perform various tricks with any part of their body, fitting perfectly with the fast-paced aesthetics of ThunderCat Racing, and the two will now link in a ‘world first’.

Atlantic Freestyle Football creator Jason Heaton said, ‘We have been invited to partner ThunderCat Racing for a full tour this year. We are extremely excited about this progress as we feel that the energy levels from ThunderCat Racing matches our freestyle football event perfectly. It all came from us having our event together at Fistral Beach last year, which was an amazing success. There will be three components to our part, a platform for freestyle football, which will consist of an Open, Sick 3 and Challenge competitions. There will either be a street football pitch or a freestyle volleyball pitch on the beach, as well as guest graffiti artists, side by side with some of the most exhilarating water- based racing you can find, not to mention visually impacting.’

Fiona Pascoe, Director of ThunderCat Racing said, ‘ThunderCat Racing has its own charity trust now called TRUE (ThunderCat Racing Uniting Everyone). It's about rehabilitation through sport for children of all backgrounds and illnesses, something I'm a big advocate of. The same principles will apply with regards to inclusion of kids at our event but maintaining a high competition standard…so Atlantic Freestyle Football dovetails nicely.’

For more information visit either or their Facebook page,

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