• James Tapp

ThunderCat Racing – An Ever Growing Global Sport

With the ThunderCat World championships almost upon us, it’s important to highlight how far our sport has come in such a short time. Known as being one of the world's most exhilarating water sports, ThunderCat Racing (also known as the P750 series) is now one of the fastest growing sports across the globe with over 20 countries participating. With the Virgin Isles, Sir Lanka and China recently coming on board…it literally is the largest powerboat racing series of its kind….and it is still growing!

ThunderCat UK Racing started 16 years ago with only a few countries including South Africa (where it originated from), Australia and New Zealand participating in the sport.

The sport is governed internationally by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) who provides the necessary support for the training and development of the sport. Each country around the world races the same format of classes and courses, testing not only those new to the sport, but also experienced and expert competitors to their limits. The sport has three carefully designed disciplines to push teams in all aspects that the sea or lake can throw at them, from short course m shape circuits to long haul enduro courses.

The boats that feature so prominently in ThunderCat Racing are 4-metre inflatable catamarans all fitted with a powerful 2 stroke 50 hp outboard motor which gives the boats such power, making it such an adrenalin thrill ride for the competitors. Importantly the boats provide an exciting and entertaining spectacle for those watching from the shore….just check out any of the online videos if you aren’t sure about their entertainment value. To see an example of the sports development, the world championship will be held in Frejus, France. You can visit their website at

Fiona Pascoe, Director of ThunderCat Racing UK and UIM Chairman of the P750 Working Group said, ‘The sport has become so popular globally. Public awareness has grown rapidly mainly because it is so accessible to both racers and spectators. The global community are working together with one aim to assist and help each other. For example, now we are all working together to create a standardised rulebook for the sport’.

If you are interested in getting involved within the sport, whether in or out of the UK contact out team at who will put you in contact with the right contact or alternatively a UIM representative who can assist in the training and development of the sport in your country.

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