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Exciting ThunderCat Powerboat Racing to be held in Clevedon

If you want to see some exciting powerboat racing just offshore Clevedon, then don’t miss rounds nine and ten of the 2017 RYA ThunderCat Racing Championship on the 12th-13th August 2017.

ThunderCat Racing is one of the world's most exhilarating water sports. The primary purpose of a ThunderCat is surf racing and they race at high speeds in the surf of up to 5 metres and wind speeds up to 45 knots. Crews consist of a driver and a co-driver. The driver drives from the rear of the ThunderCat, while the co-driver uses his weight to adjust the trim of the boat. Surf racing usually takes place as close to the shoreline as possible, ensuring an amazing spectacle for those on the shore, and fabulous racing for drivers and co-drivers.

It is the second time that the ThunderCat Racing team has visited the beautiful coastal town of Clevedon after a successful first appearance last year. The town, nestled between Bristol and Weston-Super-Mare, provides a magnificent backdrop to view this high octane water sport. The Bristol Channel will see some different exhilarating racing. You can expect the 4m inflatable boats to be hitting the white crests and reach heights of 20 plus feet in the air... a spectacle you will not see in any other motorsport.

After an exciting season so far, the ThunderCat racing championship with a great battle for second and third places behind Magor Racing in the Prostock and almost a three way tie in the Modified section….so racing is going to be very competitive.

ThunderCat Racing organiser, Fiona Pascoe said, ‘The historic Clevedon pier provides a great amphitheatre to watch the racing so you can view the racing the whole way round. Spectators will be able to take some great pictures of the action whilst listening to some great commentary providing updates of all the racing thrills and spills!

ThunderCat Racing at Clevedon takes place on Saturday 12th August (racing starts at 10.30) and on Sunday 13th August (racing starts at 10.30.)

For more details about this FREE to watch event, visit the ThunderCat Racing website or its dedicated event page on Facebook.

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