• James Tapp

ThunderCat Racing….where Safety is of Utmost Importance to us!

At ThunderCat Racing UK, the safety of our racers, marshals, volunteers and spectators are vitally important. That’s why we take extensive steps to ensure everyone’s safety. Here we explain the steps we take to ensure that ThunderCat Racing is one of the safest powerboat racing series in the country. If you would like to race, you need to demonstrate either, prior boating experience with a good boating CV, or hold an RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualification. Upon acceptance to the circuit, we run training weekends at the beginning of the year that will show you at a cost of £25/day: • How to race ThunderCats • Theory – P750 Rules & Regulations • On the water training • Boat maintenance • Engine Maintenance (Specialist one to one training is available at an extra cost.)

In addition to this training, there are testing days. This is extremely useful to anyone starting in the sport and will help you further understand what is required to race. We also have public liability insurance of £10 million. We realise that if you are a volunteer and are doing a job for us, you will need event cover. So if you are an official or community volunteer, safety officer, marshal, when you sign on, you come under our event insurance (This insurance does not cover personal accident). We also ensure that our officials are approved by our national authority and the Circuit Powerboat Association (CPA) and work as a team. We make sure that our race briefings are informative and that there is strictness on enforcing course safety. In addition to our own safety, patrol boats and paramedics, we have brought in outside companies who specialise in first response on and off the water.

Enhanced Care Services, headed by Doctor David Connor, are an amazing organisation and are the equivalent of having our own A&E service at an event. So if they needed to perform an emergency operation, on a beach for example, they would be capable of doing. We also work with a company called K38 run by Ben Granata, who provide a safety and rescue service on water using Jet skis. So if there was ever a situation, we would have the team there in seconds to deal with the situation and they are recovered immediately. The safety of the ThunderCat Racing community is of paramount importance to us!

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