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Want to get involved with ThunderCat Racing?

You may have visited our events and have been amazed by the exciting racing that we stage. Now you may want to get involved as a racer or volunteer as an official. Here we list steps on how you can get involved and who you should contact.

If you are excited about what you see at our events and want to get involved, visit our website for further information regarding our community.

There are several ways you can get involved as a racer:

· If you want to compete on the water, you can buy a complete new rig and race as a new team (subject to training).

· If you haven’t got a driver/co-driver, we can introduce you to potential crew members.

· If you cannot afford to buy a boat, but want to race, you can train and get a licence as a co-driver. We can then pair you with someone who has a boat (teams are always looking for good co-drivers).

Everybody who goes on the water must firstly have a medical. It’s very easy and as we have a close relationship with Enhanced Care Services, they carry out comprehensive medicals at a very competitive rate £40. This is important because this provides a thorough check on the fitness of an individual so that they can cope with the stress and strains of powerboat racing.

If you don’t want to/are able to race, you can get involved as a volunteer. You can help as a marshal or safety officer…and there are a whole range of positions that you are able to train towards. But you must understand that if you do have safety qualifications you still have to come and learn our procedures before you can start. There are a huge amount of other roles you can get involved with such as timekeeping, scrutineering, administration, photography, dealing with the media. Where-ever your strengths are, you can get involved with our community.

If you are interested in racing or volunteering, contact Fiona by email about the amazing opportunities that are available.

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