• James Tapp

Universal Marina, ThunderCat Racing UK’s New Home

Since the start of the year, there have been some significant changes that will have a positive impact on the sport and the organisation of ThunderCat Racing in the UK.

As of the 1st January 2018, we have been based on the River Hamble at Unit 23 Universal Marina. Universal Marina will be working in partnership with us to carry on our community work and the development of the sport. And many of those instrumental in delivering the competition and each event in the ThunderCat racing calendar is now also working at the Marina including Fiona, Daniella and Tracey. So it is a big WIN, WIN, WIN!

So looking forward to 2018, the sport has:

  • Hamble River location with fantastic facilities.

  • A fabulous 2018 racing calendar

  • The 2018 world championships in France

  • You have a new Aquarius hull to win!

  • New boats are coming out racing

  • Medals for events are already in stock

  • And now a new home with a brilliant future ahead.

Hoping everyone has a great 2018!

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