• James Tapp

Summary of ThunderCat Racing AGM 2018

We had an excellent turnout to our AGM which was held at Universal Marina on 3rd February 2018. Many thanks to all those that attended. Some exciting developments were announced, and many important issues were discussed.

Here the main points from the meeting.

- Universal Marina provides an excellent base and support for our sport

- As a club, we are further on with planning and funding than any other season. We have an exciting calendar, new venues as well as several sponsors in the pipeline.

- Exciting new partnerships have been announced for the forthcoming season including joining forces with P1 AquaX for our Minehead event and Powerboat GP for our circuit events.

- Our community is providing massive support. For the forthcoming season, we have been donated a Box Van with a tailgate as well as the maintenance and servicing of Nationwide Vehicle Assistance, Mike Kenny. Lynn Crawford will be donating additional equipment and food for catering to assist us with the forthcoming season.

2018 is set to be an epic year of racing and for the development of the sport in the UK. We thank you all for your dedication and support

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