• James Tapp

Follow ThunderCat Powerboat Racing Events on Facebook Live!

Throughout the season we have an experienced team of media professionals that provide Facebook Live coverage of all our racing. The coverage also provides interesting behind the scenes action and interviews. The team that put together this coverage are made up of Shelley Jory-Leigh, Lucy Gould, Neil Sackley and Steve Wallace who are well-known personalities in the Powerboat racing and media world. The coverage they provide is hugely entertaining and incredibly professional

Facebook Live provides an excellent medium for our growing ranks of followers to catch up on all the action even if they cant make our events from our Facebook page whether desktop, tablet or mobile…. there is no excuse to miss anything.

Facebook Live is a great way to learn about our sport, get to know all the large personalities and watch the fast, pulsating action.

If you want to follow our great live coverage, like our Facebook page at When we go live, you will receive a notification that our coverage will begin.

And don’t forget to leave a comment or question during the coverage the same way you would normally comment on a post. It would be great to see as many people engaging with our coverage.

Happy viewing!

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