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Take Great Powerboat Racing Photos At ThunderCat Racing Events

Calling all Photography enthusiasts! Throughout July to September, there is a series of ThunderCat powerboating events around the UK which are free to watch and provide an excellent opportunity to take excellent powerboat racing photos.

ThunderCat Powerboat racing is one of the fastest a growing sport in the world UK. With this fast and furious racing taking place just a short distance from the shore, it can make for a series of dramatic images. As well as offshore racing, there are opportunities to take interesting behind the scenes including photos of some of the pits.

Round five will be a long-haul offshore and will be challenging to take photos if you don’t have a RIB. However, the next four rounds are just offshore and will be an excellent opportunity to stretch your photographic skills.

ThunderCat Powerboat racing UK venues and dates:

  • Round 5: Solent Long-Haul, Universal Marina Saturday 23rd Jun 2018

  • Rounds 6 & 7: Minehead, Somerset Saturday 4th August & Sunday 5th August 2018

  • Rounds 8 & 9 Rother Valley, Rotherham Saturday 1st September & Sunday 2nd September 2018

Remember if you do want to give this a go, you’ll need a fast shutter speed and a decent burst mode to capture the action. You’re likely to be shooting from the shore, so a long lens is a must. With light reflecting off both the water and boat, your camera’s meter can be easily fooled, so you may prefer to manually expose for the shot, especially if you’re shooting into the sun.

And If you take any great shots, make sure you share them with us on our Facebook page or Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Best of luck…we look forward to seeing you soon!

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