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ThunderCat Powerboat Racing Series to Head Minehead Speedboat festival!

ThunderCat Racing UK, which has been described as ‘motocross on water’, will be heading to the Minehead seafront on August 4th -5th as part of a major new Minehead two-day summer speedboat festival which will see ThunderCat inflatable catamarans racing at up to 70 mph around a circuit very close to the shore at Minehead Bay. The event will also feature a heat of the UK AquaX jet ski racing Championships and a wide variety of attractions, stalls and children’s events.

Rounds six and seven of the ThunderCat UK championship will see around 14 teams racing in four-metre long inflatable catamarans with 50 horsepower motors reaching speeds of up to 70mph. Two-crew ThunderCat racing is a fast-growing spectator sport which started in South Africa and uses short courses close to the shore. At speeds of up to 70 mph, the four-metre boats are often airborne.

Fiona Pascoe, Director of the ThunderCat Racing UK, said, ’Minehead could provide the toughest conditions of the season, with potentially strong winds and big waves likely to ensure the weekend is a real test of stamina and ability.’

She added,’ The racing will provide loads of action and is free to watch for all the family. You may also get the chance to meet the teams and get up close to the boats in the pit area.’

‘If you are a local company, why not get involved in the event? It’s never too late! Please email to discuss event sponsorship opportunities.’

For more details about this FREE to watch event, visit the ThunderCat Racing website or its page on Facebook.

Picture courtesy of Jerry Lake

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