• James Tapp

What Types of Courses do ThunderCat Boats Race?

Each Country around the world races the same format of classes and courses, testing newbie's, experienced and expert competitors to their limits. The sport has three carefully designed disciplines to push teams in all aspects the sea or lake can throw at them.

M-SHAPE - Mainly run in Surf; is a short course approx 200m x 300m - Boats can be seen to fly up to 6m in the air!!

CIRCUIT - Where speed begins; this is a larger course approx 500m x 500m for achieving the maximum speed the tunnel hull can provide (110kpm)

LONGHAUL/ENDURO - Separates the men from the mice; generally over a distance of 100km+ teams will be sent off down the coast to specific locations, beach the boat and run around a checkpoint. Out in all conditions (except fog!)

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