• James Tapp

2018 ThunderCat World Championship in Frejus, France

For a sport whose humble beginnings began with a group of friends who decided to race down treacherous water rapids in the early 1980’s, ThunderCat racing has grown into a world-class network with 20 countries that all race to the same format.

ThunderCat Racing may look on the small side in comparison to most powerboats. However, these lightweight inflatable catamarans certainly pack the most significant punch reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour and heights of 8 metres above the waves.

ThunderCat racing is the world most exhilarating water sport and one of the fastest growing sports across the globe. Crews consist of a drive and a co-driver. The driver sits in the rear of the ThunderCat boat, while the co-driver uses his weight to adjust the trim or the boat.

The sport has a mass appeal to all ages offering fantastic entertainment. Thousands of spectators now follow Thundercat Racing, which is positioning itself as one of the most prominent water sports of the twenty-first century.

This year we are excited that France will be hosting the World Championship in Frejus. The event will attract teams from across the globe competing for top honours during the ten days of racing. The event will run from Friday 28th September through to 7th October. During this time, the teams will race in all three disciplines (Surf, Circuit and Long haul.). The event is not for the fainthearted as the best team from around the world will join together to compete for the prestigious title of World Champions.

We are looking forward to the racing and wish our British teams every success! Racing in Prostock is Multispark Racing 61 featuring James Tapp & Scott Brown and Bulletproof 46 with Marc Newton.& Tris Carpenter. Competing in Modified will be Multispark’s Broad Bean featuring Tom Williams-Hawkes and Malachy Brown.

Good luck guys from all of the ThunderCat Racing UK Community.

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