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ThunderCat Racing - Going Forward into 2019

For many months we have watched, listened and deliberated with all parties to find out what would be the correct path after the RYA ceases to be our National Authority at the end of 2018.

Our members views are mixed:

1. Some wish to stand alone keeping politics a-bay, but stay with UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique). 2. Some want to move away from the UIM and other organisations; building our own P750 global organisation, so those with no understanding of our sport can’t make any more unworkable rules which at present happens in the UIM. 3. Others want to join the strongest organisation that is going for National Authority status to the UIM; as long as M2M keep the P750 mandate for the U.K. 4. Ther are some that want to organise our U.K races and licence our own teams.

5. The list was endless...

So as Chairman, after listening to the variety of views, I wish to explain the direction 2019 will take us:

I have tried after discussions with major stakeholders, those at the P750 Worlds, UIM Officials, various Groups wishing to be the dominant organisation in U.K. to analyse what would be best for ThunderCat Racing UK.

So in 2019, we will be strong, united and grow.

1. Run our own National P750 ThunderCat Racing Championship. 2. Be able to organise events with other clubs and organisations. 3. National & Event licences will be processed by us - thus funds will come directly into M2M. 4. Be part of the UIM so we can try to get them to understand our sport. 5. Be a member at the beginning of the new proposed NA organisation BPBA- British Powerboat Association. Already all UK clubs in Circuit, OCRDA, Coniston records have joined. JSRA wish to work together to bring Jet Ski as part of... so now it’s only Offshore who are not part of, but there will be seats available on the committee if they wish to join. Chris Loney Chairman of the BPBA has agreed our wishes, and M2M have equal seats to everyone else, and we will have the mandate for P750 U.K.

So in the end, after much deliberation, we have a majority of what you all wanted. This will bring us together, making us stronger and with all of us working together we will grow.

Further positive news: • Team Endeavour is opening some of their own training sessions to welcome new civilians to try the sport but ask if our experienced racers could help race train their new teams... clearly, that’s fantastic community assistance.

• Please all save the weekend 26-27 January 2019. This weekend will be the start of 2019. We will have a party and awards on Saturday evening. Meeting for new and existing members / AGM.

• There will be five U.K. Championship weekend events from May to September.

• Social events throughout the year.

Can you help us move forward at a special meeting on 1st - 2nd December 2018?

We would like to invite anyone who can dedicate time to assist the club and events... looking for officials, event organisers, IT, safety, administration etc. Can you help us grow our sport??

- Saturday afternoon 1st December - meeting to work out how we move forward for 2019. - Social get together in the evening. - Sunday 2nd December morning. Concluding who wishes to be on working groups taking ownership of sections of the club and events.

Please let me know if you can make the dates?

So dear friends, we have a lot to do... we need your support, and I wish to thank...

An extra special thanks to Ian Lockyer, Tracey Armstrong, Sophie Pascoe for keeping ThunderCat Racing going during 2018, every day they were working.

To Danielle Strawford, Don Hodgson, James Tapp for their additional individual contribution and help before and after events.

Then to everyone whether officials, helpers, medical, safety or our incredible race teams and community, give yourselves a great pat on the back and thanks from me personally. Looking forward to our new exciting future.

Fiona Pascoe Chairman/Director.

ThunderCat Racing UK

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