• James Tapp

Taking the Sport of ThunderCat Racing Forward into 2021

We have had an incredible amount of interest for the forthcoming 2021 season. A huge thank you all for all your help so far.

As to the organisation of the 2021 season, please can you read the following information:

1. We are employing our H&S office to rewrite our Risk Assessment to include living with COVID 19 at our events, keeping you and your family safe. Our community's welfare is our top priority on and off the water.

2. We have had a fantastic response from new and old teams wishing to enter. For those who are not aware yet, (except for our endurance discipline) a maximum of 12 boats can compete on the racecourse at one time. A minimum of 4 heats and a final take place per group, therefore if we have 24 teams that would be two groups of 12 and 10 heats. If it's rough weather for safety, we will reduce to 8 boats per heat therefore 15 heats in total. Some of our venues are water time restrictive, due to the tide and lack of water. Therefore to offer you the teams great racing, without stress and lots of fun; for 2021 we are discussing restricting our entry to 24 teams.

Depending on how many still wish to compete after 24 entries we will consider further options but cannot guarantee you a place: Therefore:

a) Please email to express your interest to race ASAP; you will then be added to our mailing and proposed entry list

b) Mid-September we will post a provisional runners and riders list.

c) October we will post the calendar and 2021 fees.

d) Once the calendar and fees are posted, you can decide if you're racing and can commit to the dates. At this moment, when our entry to the season goes live, it will be THE FIRST 24 BOATS to pay/have your paperwork completed. The team will be notified confirmation by email as ready to race.

We will be asking for your paperwork to be completed, and a deposit paid as confirmation for your entry to the 2021 season. Those thereafter, will go on the waiting list and we will come back to you by the end of December with what we can do.

3. Race Training will take place in Feb, March and April.

4. Racing will commence from May - October. We are working on one event per month.

In addition, if you can help behind the scenes with race management or even race marshalling, please email me at Also, please contact me if you know of any exciting venues especially with surf beaches.

Looking forward to an amazing 2021 of ThunderCat Racing action!

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