Team Streamlined Propellers                  Race No. 92

Boat Manufacturer: Infanta Inflatable  Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2  UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock    Email:

Driver info : Giles Gillespie


Giles is a determined and strong-minded racer with many years experience racing in motor cross, who will let nothing get in the way of getting to the top in Thundercat Racing.  Working in the construction industry, Giles maintains a high level of fitness. The determination paid off with Giles taking not only 3rd place in the RYA 2014 National Championships for the Team but also 3rd place in the Driver Standings.

Giles was seen supporting the 2015 events but unable to comit to racing last season, but when asked to assist, he jumped in a boat to assist a team to continue racing.

Co-driver info : Daniel Lewin


Dan has taken part in many sports over the years, ranging from rugby to motorsport, but then found the perfect sport to get the adrenaline and speed that he thrives on!    Dan and Giles were introduced to ThunderCat Racing through Rowly Brooks - between them, let’s say there is some ‘friendly competition!’   Dan keeps his strength and fitness up to a high level through his job as a firefighter. The partnership was awesome and together the team achieved 3rd in the RYA 2014 National Championships and Dan came 4th in the Co-Driver Standings. Dan jumped in to assist teams as a co-driver in the 2015 season and was seen on the circuit supporting the teams. 

Racing experience


Dan and Giles raced together for 3 years and were definitely the ones to watch!  With many podium finishes over the last 3 years, and with Streamlined Propellers on board, their high hopes to finish in a top position in 2014 came true. Well done guys!


Dan & Giles took a break from racing in 2015 but we hope to see them return in the future.








Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Famous for them – too many to mention!


Best Venue; Watergate Bay


Preferred prop; That would be telling!

Proudest Moment:


Beating the World Champion - Sean Fisher (Just the once!)

2010 - present

2010 - present

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