STUDENT LOAN                                                    Race No. 54

Boat Manufacturer:   INFANTA                 Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2                 UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock

Driver info : josh broadbent        


I am a Student at Loughborough University studying Construction Management yet currently on a Year Out in Slough working as a Site Manager. I have been kart racing for quite a few years now and competitively at the university. Power boat racing is a new venture for me and I am very keen to experience a new type of competitive racing all over the country.  

Co-driver info : sebastian watts



I do aerospace engineering at Bristol and I love finding out how things work. I will be happy to break out the engine manual and have a tinker. I like to plan my time out carefully in front of me so I can do many different things as best as I can. In my spare time I do a cappella singing (singing without any instrumental backing) so with the sound of the engine, we'll make a good sing-song. I've always had an interest in boats as my father and uncle were world champions in the class 3, 2 litre offshore powerboats in 1995. My uncle following this, started up his own business, Ice Marine, designing and building speed boats where one of them, the Bladerunner 35 rib, featured in the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony which carried David Beckham's Olympic torch and that was very exciting. Even though we both are new to boat racing, I am very excited to give it a go and there is a strong vein within the family. Now it is our turn to take over the legacy and bring home glory!

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Seb and I have been Kart racing for many years and absolutely love the thrill and the joy of close racing and the ups and downs of every win or loss. Therefore as a team we felt that ThunderCat Racing was the perfect place for us to continue our passion for racing.





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2010 - present