Team Surrey Joinery               Race No. 23

Boat Manufacturer: Infanta InflatablesEngine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2 UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock Email:Rowly_   BROOKS@HOTMAIL.COM

Driver info : Rowly Brooks


Of athletic structure, rugged with bearded good looks our very own goliath is summed up as ‘The Performer’ of ThunderCats. He loves people and new experiences, over-indulgent, placing importance on immediate sensation. An extremely lively and extrovert character; always enjoys being the centre of attention. Living in the here-and-now, relishing excitement and drama in his life. With very strong inter-personal skills and the role of the peacemaker in ThunderCat community he is very sympathetic and concerned for other people's well-being. Usually quite generous and warm. Being very observant Rowly realises the potential in others and now employs many of our community offering warmth and security. He may not be the best advice-giver in the world but is great for giving practical care.

Co-driver info : Andy Cousins


Please forward a brief describtion of yourself, included when you first wanted to race and maybe how you started.

Team Manager: Marc Newton


Mark, owner/racer of a rival team Bulletproof, recently joined Rowly in business and one of his job roles is to team manage and make sure that everything is ship shape and ready to race.  Mark and Rowly have become great friends whilst involved in the sport and now the celebrity star Mark Newton from BBC’s "The Sheriffs Are Coming" has joined forces to conquer the high quality niche market in the building industry that they specialise in.

Racing experience


Penduro Motocross racing, to champion monopoly player Rowly has the zest for winning and extreme sports. The Stalwart of the community since being introduced to the ThunderCats by his great friend World Champion Sean Fisher. Rowly can carry an engine over his shoulder and with his lust for the sport has craved greater reward.


Rowly is taking a break from racing in 2015 but we hope to see him back racing with ThunderCats soon!                         

Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Hitting a 30ft rogue wave at Watergate bay in Cornwall this May. The event had to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions


Best Venue; Likes to say the Surf but has an issue keeping the boat the right way up.


Preferred prop; Whatever works on the day but does like a 23 Clever as it gets his forearm muscle working

Proudest Moment:

Being on the podium next to Nigel Gower who’s my idle in racing.




2010 - present

2010 - present

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