Evolution 5- MOKU RACING                   Race No. 7

Boat Manufacturer: bobkat Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2  UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock   Email: grant@majengo.com

Driver info : darryn harrison       Co-driver info : JAMES ION


Darryn just like his father started his love for racing at a very young age, winning championships in both hemispheres. Darryn has been away from Thundercat Racing for a couple years to pursue other interests but has come back to the UK and was placed 9th in the RYA 2015 P750 ThunderCat Driver Championship and an impressive 4th in the Pro-Stock class at the 2015 World Championships held in October at Malta. 


Tyrone returned 







Team ManageS: Berti Munro & GRANT HARRISON


Berti has always had love for speed in some way or another. With a background in engineering and single seater race car design and build. You will always find Berti on the beach, tweaking the boat to get the perfect setup for the team.  


Grant Harrison is no stranger to ThunderCat Racing having raced it, managed his son's team, designed and help build the Bobkat brand - along with many many MANY years of being involved with offshore racing both here in the UK and South Africa. He was even around when ThunderCats first started out in South Africa!!

Racing experience:
Tyrone joined Darryn for the 4th event in the season and made a great impact. This formidable teaming saw some fantastic racing and great results. Overall during the 2015 P750 ThunderCat British Championship they achieved 9th place, with Darryn also placed 9th in the Driver Championship and Tyrone placed 8th. At the World Championships held in Malta during October the team came a very impressive 4th. Tyrone has now returned to South Africa to continue racing and we are looking forward to welcoming James as Darryn's new co-driver for the 2016 season.









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