Torbay Eco Energies part too            Race No. 32

Boat Manufacturer:  Aquarius Inflatables  Engine Manufacturer: Tohatsu 50D2     UK Class: RYA Pro-Stock  

Driver info : Matt Littlechild


After coming to view the racing in April 2013 Matt was roped in to being Andy Cousins Co-Driver for the weekend... instantly hooked Matt purchased that very boat and hasn't stopped racing since! In 2014 Matt's committments took priority over racing, but it was lovely to see him supporting the events when he was able.  We are very much hoping that Matt will be able to return regularly during the 2015 season.

Co-driver info : Tim Spinks


Tim has a great passion for the sport and having competed for years and winning several distinguished races. Tim founded the team in 2010, Tim is fanatical about ensuring that the boat and engine is prepared and race-ready for every event, as well as piloting the boat. Tim brings an entourage to most events and is an asset to ThunderCat Racing. 

Team Manager: Tim Spinks



Racing experience


Experienced surf and circuit disciplines on the UK racing scene and keen to get some International racing under their belts!







Quick Fire Questions


Worst wipeout; Fistral beach


Best Venue; Watergate Bay


Preferred prop; 13 surf prop

Proudest Moment:



2010 - present

2010 - present